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A.t.o.p., an acronym for Akkad the Orphic Priest, is based on a character from Lawrence Durrell's masterpiece
"Monsieur". This hierophant, Akkad,is guru to a group of a Gnostic , Orpheus worshipping, executioners. A part of
being in this secret society involves the group's unanimous belief that a neophyte, who has turned adept, have reached
the highest state of consciousness a human can, they
subsequently find this person

and kill them. The receiver of this most strange and unassuming gift never sees it coming. We(They) only get to see the after effects.

Akkad is not a musician in the novel. The connections between this character and I would be a long-winded piece of wiriting (not that this isn't) but the simple fact that Orpheus is the greek mythological god of music and this man, Akkad, is an idea of the ultimate sacrifce to an artform, the highest artform in my opinion,
which is music, beyond writing. it is direct matter manipulation. Poetry would be my next choice for for highest artform. Well, it's hard to say, but art could be feces spread across a wooden plank. Sex. Colours. The number 77. The sign of Aries. The color red. Beautiful women. It could be a lot of things but whatever it is, I am trying to get down to the molecular, super-conscious essence of what we call music. The seven vibrations and sound's infinite other tones.

Closet Monsters are fear-inducing, sharp-toothed, real creatures from the great beyond. As above, so below. They should be treated with compassion, but instead we show them fear. They feed off of fear. Humans are a bit dumb. The Closet Monsters will never go away. Hopefully, Atop and Wordsalad's contribution to bringing this knowledge to light will end up in artists being able to run the erath, and no more politicians, CEO's, lobbyists and rich, souless individuals being the gods of the era gone by. We shall be the new gods! All creating, always changing, with an eternally chewy center.

I am from Dallas.

My first electronic track is named 'Oriental Techno'(how olitically incorrectof me), recorded into a four track with one casio and a fresh mind with no set rules or preconceived ideas around, written somewheres around 1994, and I will always try to get to a frame of mind, like being a child with limitless powers and
irrational reason.
Super friends,
bringing about the end,
so that it can
all start over again.

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